Suzuki GS Stator Coil

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Replacement stator for models listed below. Correct core materials and high grade copper.
Applicable to OEM part numbers: 31401-49010, 31401-49011, 31401-49210
Our workshops offer a rewinding and generator repair service where a replacement part is unavailable

  • Weight in lbs: 4
  • Weight in Kgs: 1.82
Model Year Engine
GS1000C 1978 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000C 1979 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000E 1978 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000E 1979 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000E 1980 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000E 1981 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000G 1980 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000G 1981 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000GL 1980 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000GL 1981 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000L 1979 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000S 1979 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1000S 1980 SUZUKI 997cc
GS1100E 1980 SUZUKI 1074cc
GS1100E 1981 SUZUKI 1074cc

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