Suzuki HT Ignition Coil | GT185 | GT250 | GT500 | 33410-15321 | 33410-15320



Replacement CDi coil for Suzuki p/n 33410-15321. Twin lead ignition coil with removable HT leads. Applicable to CDi equipped GT185, GT250X7 and GT500.

Resistance: primary 0.6 – 0.8 Ohm, 14K ohm secondary. 90mm between mounting hole centres.

One year warranty.

Important:  many vendors mistakenly sell 4-stroke coils for GSX models for the Suzuki CDi (PEi) ignition. If the primary resistance is near 2.0 ohms that is a 4-stroke engine TCi ignition coil (not PEi).  The wrong coil will stress your CDi and invalidate any warranty on other ignition parts.

Caution: Some Suzuki shop manuals have a misprint. The primary resistance should be 0.6 ohms for PEi coils.  A 4.0 ohms resistance is for points ignition coils.

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