Tri-Spark Compass Ignition For BMW Twins 1970-79


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The Compass system for 1970-79 BMW twin cylinder motorcycles replaces your points ignition to give precise timing & advance, easy starting and improved throttle response.  It does away with the mechanical auto advance which is the source many ignition timing issues.

Compatible with the original Bosch 6-Volt coils, however aged HT coils cannot be considered reliable or trouble free so should be replaced with modern versions.

The control box is completely new and has some unique features:

  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Spike protected to hundreds of volts
  • Continuous overvoltage protected
  • Pickup inputs protected

The pickup unit is made in Adelaide, South Australia using extreme temperature safe components for a happy life inside the hot engine environment. There are no active components inside the pickup unit and it’s potted with a flexible sealant to cushion the internals during thermal cycling.

Tri-Spark call this system the Compass because the triggering rotor has two points like a compass. It’s this unique shape of the Compass rotor and the accurate CNC machining process that gives the required timing stability and accuracy you would expect from electronic ignition.

Note: This system suits 1970s era bikes manufactured BEFORE BMW started using the ‘ignition in the can’ or bean can style ignition units. If you have an ignition can on the front of your engine you will need to use our other BMW kit for these later engines.

An ignition system for people who love to ride their BMW!

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