Tri-Spark Electronic Ignition For Yamaha XS650


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Tri-Spark ‘Compass’ electronic ignition for the Yamaha XS650 the Compass System ticks all the boxes. Improved reliability, maintenance free and better performance in an easy to install package. It’s named the Compass as the triggering rotor has two points like a compass.

There are no active components inside the pickup unit and it’s potted with a flexible sealant to cushion the internals during thermal cycling.

The system features reverse polarity on the power input and the pickup inputs can tolerate full battery voltage should a connection go astray.

The system comes complete with the correct HT coil.

The Compass Ignition for the Yamaha XS650 is generally for stock XS650s with a 360-degree crank configuration, however it may be used on engines with a rephased 277-degree crankshaft. A modified rotor for a rephased engine is also available.

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