Tri-Spark MOSFET | 20 Amp | Regulator Rectifier | Zener Diode


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Cool running Tri-Spark MOSFET  regulator rectifier for use with 2 and 3 wire stators, either single or three phase. Low electrical noise ideal for eliminating annoying misfires on electronic ignition. Gives power output improvement due to lower running temperatures of the stator windings.

Ingenious design allows this unit to be used with any single or three phase permanent magnet alternator with a maximum output of 20 Amps.  Suits the entire Lucas alternator range; 10 amp single phase, 16 amp single phase and 14.5 amp three phase. These stators are commonly know as RM21, RM23 and RM24.

When used on British motorcycles this unit can be used to convert the  6 volt, RM19 alternator with encapsulated windings to 12 volts.

Reduces running temperature of Alton alternator windings.

600mm leads.

Wiring instructions included

2 year warranty (return to Tri-Spark after one year).

Small case size: 80 x 67 x 20 mm.

Mounting hole centres 64mm.

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