Trident Rocket 3 Triple Ignition – Original Black Box System


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Tri-Spark’s original Triple kit for Triumph Trident, BSA Rocket 3 and Hurricane. Suits British triple cylinder engines from 1968 to 1975. Has a sensor plate and separate black box.

Easier starting – Superior running – Stronger idle.  Less prone to plug fouling

Sequential firing, this is not a wasted spark system – all the spark energy is focused on one cylinder at a time resulting in superior all round performance and reduced current drain, very important for good starting.

Preferred system for highest performance.

  • 12V Tri-Spark high performance coils – 3 required. Our P/N: HTC54 (IGC-1012)
  • Spark plug lead & NGK 5k suppressor caps (3 required). Our P/N: LB05F

Non preferred option 6-volt coils

While there is no need to change this system which was used with the Rita ignition and gives acceptable results, it has a lower performance than 12 volt coils.  Requires:

  • Ballast resistor. P/N BALRES-1
  •  6-volt coils. HTC53
  • Spark plug lead & NGK 5k suppressor caps (3 required). P/N: LB05F

If starting performance is of primary concern, choose the 12 volt HT coil option.

Customers requiring the very highest quality should only consider Tri-spark HT coils and NGK products with Tri-spark ignition systems. Our technical team can assist in the selection of the proper parts, leads and connectors. We also stock high grade NGK Iridium spark plugs.

PVL cannister type coils are a slighter cheaper alternative and give nearly the same results. The Lucas cannister coils are a great everyday coil but are out performed in every department, but nonetheless can be considered a great budget option.

We have our own range of Japanese coils with single or dual HT leads that will give very satisfactory results.


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