Triumph Speed Triple | Sprint | Tiger 1050 Stator Coil


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Replacement stator for Triumph Speed Triple, Sprint and Tiger 1050 models.

Dimensions :
Interior diameter : 42 mm
Exterior diameter : 115 mm
Width : 22 mm

Please note there are two possible choices for 2005-10 models. You must measure the parts removed from yours to ensure you get the correct one. See our P/N RM01391S for the other option.


Speed Triple 1050RM013902004TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902005TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902006TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902007TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902008TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902009TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902010TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902011TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050RM013902012TRIUMPH1050cc
Speed Triple 1050 RRM013902012TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint GTRM013902011TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint GTRM013902012TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902005TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902006TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902007TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902008TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902009TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902010TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902011TRIUMPH1050cc
Sprint STRM013902012TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050RM013902007TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050RM013902008TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050RM013902009TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050RM013902010TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050RM013902011TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050SE ABSRM013902011TRIUMPH1050cc
Tiger 1050SE ABSRM013902012TRIUMPH1050cc

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