TT500 Direct AC 12 Volt Lighting Conversion


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Provides regulated 12 volt AC  power for front and rear marker lights. Off road competition machines. No ignition conversion.

Conversion kit for the generator to produce fully regulated, 12 volts AC. No battery needed.

Fits both the standard TT500 or our RMK 2 & 4 electronic ignition stators.

Provides AC power when engine is running, will power up to a 45 watt headlamp. A small DC supply is optionally available for horns.

Gives bright lighting without the bulbs blowing. Ideal for the lighting kit supplied by Kedo.

This kit is given an expert fitting rating as the generator has have a lighting coil fitted and then wired. We recomend you read the fitting guide, you may need professional help fitting this kit. Down load the fitting guide from the link above.

The kit includes everything needed to fit to a standard or our RMK stator kit:

12 volt lighting coil and mounting hardware

AC Voltage regulator,

Regulator loom,

Terminal kit

Charge condenser


Bulbs and vehicle wiring loom are not included.


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