TT500, XT500 Engine Shaft Seal Kit


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TT500, XT500 engine shaft seal kit, 11 seals includes the seal for the centrifugal advance unit for the contact breakers.
OEM quality, made in Japan.
  • Crankshaft left (30x60x6mm)
  • Release lever engine (17x28x6mm)
  • Shift shaft (14x24x6mm)
  • Tachometer drive (8×17.8/18.0x5mm)
  • Kick starter (25x35x7mm)
  • Oil pump (11x15x3mm)
  • Oil pump (11x15x3mm)
  • Gearbox output shaft (35x62x5.5mm)
  • Decompression lever/cylinder head (12x22x5mm)
  • Crankshaft right (14x25x5.5-9 HS)
  • Ignition Timing Adjuster (15x26x5mm)

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