TY250 Twin Shock “Pro” Electronic Ignition Kit


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Our ‘Pro’ kit gives air cooled engines a power boost at the flick of a switch.

Rex’s electronic ignition kits are market leading in terms of build quality and performance. The advantage of our ‘Dual Power’ electronic ignition becomes clear from the moment you experience it. With two source coils providing power, one for low RPM and the other for higher engine speeds, the sparks are hotter and more stable than systems that only use a single source coil on the stator. The results speak for themselves, the CDi built and perfected in our own workshops along with the ‘Dual Power’ stator gives smooth, predictable power delivery with no peakiness, a combination developed for specifically for trials riding.

The “Pro” version has two timing curves, one  developed to be smooth from walking speed to full throttle, plus a second switchable curve for a useful boost in power. The motor performs extremely well with additional ignition advance giving a useful power increase.

  • Smooth power delivery, flatter timing curve so the engine is not peaky.
  • No timing to set up, no timing light needed bolt on & go*.
  • Full colour fitting guide, link above to see what’s involved.
  • Proven to noticeably improve performance.
  • New high output HT coil & NGK plug cap included
  • Complete with new engine case grommet
  • One year warranty

To see a video demonstration showing the increased spark strength of our system compared to others, search on line for “Testing Rex’s Dual Power Electronic Ignition”

* Engines significantly bored out, those that have been ported or with squish band modifications might benefit from having the stator slotted to allow the base timing to be adjusted to suit the different state of  tune. Talk to our technicians about a bespoke system for your engine.

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