XT500 | TT500 12 Volt Lighting Coil LC-1


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Brand new lighting coil wound specifically to give 12 volts to fit standard XT500 generators, Kedo and our electronic ignition kits RMK-2 / RMK4

This is an up-grade for 12 volt conversions where only the regulator has been replaced, or ‘ignition only’ stator kits to have lights added. This part is also required when adding street lights to the TT500. Gives more output at lower RPMs compared to the standard 6 volt item, charges from 1,500 RPM.

  • Supplies 45/45 Watt headlamp and full road lights
  • Gives more power at low revs than re-regulated 6 volt lighting coil
  • Fits all of our XT500 electronic ignition kits RMK2 & 4 as well as standard XT500 & TT500 generator.

​Fitting kit shown below.

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Weight0.4 kg
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