Full Race XT500 | TT500 Electronic Ignition Kit

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Rex’s Full Race ignition. Dual Power Stator. Adjustable. More Output than any other!

Full Race electronic ignition with unique ‘Dual Power’ source coils that gives our kit up to three times more spark power than any other self generating XT500/TT500 ignition. You will not find a more powerful electronic ignition for the XT or TT. Of our two versions of electronic ignition this gives the easiest starting. Intended  for  high compression, modified and high revving engines this ignition packs an extremely powerful punch.

Our focus is always on performance and the first step is to do away with the mechanical advance unit and contact breakers to give full electronic timing control. We build replacement electronic ignition modules in-house and tailor them precisely for the bike they are intended for.

Supplied as ‘ignition only’ and needs no other wiring on the machine. No lighting or charging coil is included but our billet stator will accept the stock 6V lighting coil allowing both the standard 6v system to be used or to continue using previously purchased 12 volt conversions.  Ready assembled 12 volt versions are available with everything you need in the kit, see kit part numbers ending with ‘-12V’ .

Does not require flywheel to be removed to trim the ignition timing – This is done on the CDi unit

•    Highest output self generating ignition available – up to 3 times more powerful than our closet competitor’s.

•    Adjustable stator AND CDi with model specific ignition timing curve – an unbeatable combination.

•    The billet stator accepts a single stock 6 volt lighting coil.

•    Uses the standard flywheel for low vibration & tractability.

•    Best for starting hot or cold, sparks from 150 RPM.

•    New high power HT coil included

Sufficiently powerful to run a twin spark head at full power to both spark plugs, requires “yellow lead” twin spark CDi unit to run both plugs at full power.

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