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Rex’s Dual Power Ignition.  More spark power than any other self generating ignition available today.

Not for road use.

Rex’s Full Race electronic ignition with its ‘Dual Power’ source coils give significantly more spark energy than other self generating ignition kits. The system features two source windings optimised for specific RPM ranges. The combined output results in output energy levels in excess of competitor’s kits.

Our dual power kit is able to power twin plug heads at full power. We often demonstrate the Dual Power system on our test bed, running a competitor’s system simultatiously to compare spark power. Customers who have seen the demonstration buy Rex’s Dual Power system. The pictures we took during one such demonstration, showing a competitor’s ‘high power’ ignition (shown left), compared to our ‘Dual Power’ ignition (shown right), both are at the same engine RPM.

The difference in spark is clear.

Competition Kits are ‘Ignition Only’ not for road use with no lighting or charging coil included, however our billet stator will accept the original 6V lighting coil for those wishing to keep 6 volt.


Our focus is always on performance and the first step is to do away with the mechanical advance unit and contact breakers to give full electronic timing control.

Adjust the ignition timing with the flywheel in situ – Trim function on the CDi unit.

•    Highest output self generating ignition available – up to 3 times more powerful than our closet competitor’s.

•    Adjustable stator AND CDi with model specific ignition timing curve – an unbeatable combination.

•    Uses the standard flywheel for low vibration & tractability.

•    Best for starting hot or cold, sparks from 150 RPM.

•    New high power HT coil included

Sufficiently powerful to run a twin spark head at full power to both spark plugs, requires “yellow lead” twin spark CDi unit to run both plugs at full power.

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