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Solid State Voltage Regulators for British Motorcycles


Genuine Lucas 6 volt stator and rotor with solid state voltage control to 6 volts.

For those who wish to remain with a 6 volt alternator Rex’s offer a modern solution. The old Lucas 3-wire, 6 volt alternator is no longer made as it was unregulated which allowed over charging and caused damage to electrical equipment. This is not allowable under today’s laws.

Our solution is a genuine Lucas alternator that comes with a solid state six volt regulator rectifier. This equipment gives the same output as the most powerful 6 volt system produced. With a solid state regulator fitted the alternator is safe, it charges the battery correctly and allows modern electronic ignitions to be used without warranty issues.

Kit includes: Genuine Lucas standard 120 watt stator, 74mm rotor plus a 6 volt solid regulator rectifier.

Recommended battery: Cyclon 6/12 volt switable or Motobatt 6 volt, 6 amp hour.

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