6 Volt Regulator & Rectifier Repair Kit Honda | Suzuki | Kawasaki | Yamaha

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Charge repair kit containing a 6 volt AC regulator, rectifier diode plus with the opposite connectors. Everything you need to address the most common faults.

This type of system was used extensively on Japanese road, enduro and trails bikes along with hundreds of mopeds and scooters. If the headlamp only works with the engine running, the machine is fitted with a separate AC regulator and a small rectifier diode and uses a 6V battery these parts are most likely to be suitable.

The OEM regulator will either have one or two wires, a wire for generator power and an earth, there may be an earth wire coming out of the unit, if there is only one wire the case is the earth. The rectifier will always have two wires.


6 volt AC regulator – for the headlamp and to stop bulbs blowing

Rectifier – Provides DC for battery charging

Terminal kit – opposite terminals included for hassle free installation.


Please have a look at the free to down load wiring guide at the top of the page, click on the link to download. These parts are virtually universal, used on a vast number of machines from mopeds, & scooters to larger bikes like DR400, SP370s and XT500s. Tech support is by e-mail only.

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