Roadster DT250MX E&F Mono Shock Electronic Ignition – 12 Volt


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12 volt Roadster ignition for DT250MX E&F Mono shock models with flywheel F3T357.

Modern up-graded ignition with 12 volt lighting to replace the standard 6 volt points system on DT250MX E&F 1978-79 models. New billet stator bolts on with minimum effort and no fiddling about with timing – fit and go. Roadster kits have electrics that simply plug in to the standard Yamaha electrical system. We point out older machines or those from other markets may have had connectors changed or differences but these are simple issues to overcome.

The kit simple to install we’ve taken away all the guess work from timing and set up, bolt on and go.  You won’t even need a timing light!

Vital Fitting Information – Requires flywheel stamped F3T357 – Before ordering check your machine, mistakes are expensive to rectify!

Models supplied to Europe had CDi igition, models to other markets including Canada and the USA had points ignition. This kit works with F3T357 flywheel fitted to both versions.

• Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go.
• CDI unit tailored to model to give real boost in performance
• Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
• New billet stator, heavy duty & CNC machined
• Full spares back-up on ignition kits
The kit contains; a new 12 volt stator and ignition source coil, 12 volt lighting coil, electronic ignition unit, new HT coil, voltage regulator & fitting manual.

We also manufacture a full race version with Dual Source coils powering the ignition, this system delivers an extremely hot spark. The race equipment is not available for road use and is supplied as an ignition only stator kit.

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