Roadster DT400 D/E Electronic Ignition

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The Roadster – Our lowest priced DT400 D/E performance electronic ignition.

Accepts the standard 6v lighting coil so we can offer you true performance up-grade that retains the standard 6 volt lighting. Modern up-graded ignition to replace the standard DT400 system on 1977 & 78 models. Increased performance through modern dynamic timing curve, improving the standard system that is fixed like points. New billet stator bolts on with minimum effort and no fiddling about with timing – fit and go.

Requires stator to be stamped F3T350


DT400 D & E 1977 & 1978

Rex’s ignition replaces the stator,  CDi unit & HT coil to give a nice boost in power too! 

We’ve taken away all the guess work from fitting and timing making this kit simple to install. You won’t even need a timing light!

  • Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go.
  • Self generating Roadster level electronic ignition – does not need a battery
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
  • New billet stator, heavy duty & CNC machined
  • CDI unit fits original holder
  • Ignition & kill switch work as before
  • Modern timing gives crisper performance
  • Full technical backup from the system designers via e-mail

The kit contains; a new stator, HT coil, electronic ignition unit & fitting guide.

Engines that have been bored out or those that have been significantly tuned will need a slotted stator to allow the base timing to be dialled in to suit the different state of tune. See kit RMK-13 for adjustable full race ignition with adjustable stator.

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