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Ignition Only – Our lowest priced DT400 D & E | DT250F | electronic ignition stator kit.

Our Roadster ‘ignition only’ stator is a high quality, yet affordable ignition up-grade for DT400, 1977-78 & DT250F 1979 models. Our new billet stator with precision location ensures perfect ignition timing, so there is no need to carry out any timing set up. Fit and go! This kit has been designed to run as supplied with no lighting coil fitted. However on models where a single 6 volt light coil was used (in most markets most DT25 and 1978 DT400 models came with one lighting coil), a skilled mechanic can swap out the old lighting coil on to our stator to retain the 6 volt charging system. please not this is considered a ‘customer modification’ that is not supported


Requires stator to be stamped F3T350


DT400 D & E 1977-1978 & DT250F

We’ve taken away all the guess work from fitting and timing making this kit simple to install. You won’t even need a timing light!

  • Requires no timing adjustment, no timing light – simply bolt on and go.
  • Self generating Roadster level electronic ignition – does not need a battery
  • Simple to fit with clear pictorial fitting guide
  • New billet stator, heavy duty & CNC machined
  • CDI unit fits original holder
  • Ignition & kill switch work as before
  • Modern timing gives crisper performance
  • Full technical backup from the system designers via e-mail

The kit contains; a new stator, HT coil, electronic ignition unit & fitting guide.

For a competition version see kit RMK-13 with our ‘Dual Power’ that features adjustable stator and options on timing curves.

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