Roadster DT360, DT400 B/C Electronic Ignition Kit

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‘The Ignition Only Roadster’ – Our lowest priced DT360/400 B&C electronic ignition.

Fixes ignition faults once and for all!

Modern, re-designed ignition which fixes all the problems the standard ignition suffers. We have developed an ignition that requires minimum effort yet fixes the many problem these models suffers. Designed to accept the standard 6v lighting coil so we can offer you true performance up-grade that allows owner to swap the standard 6 volt lighting on to it, keeping the machine 6 volts.

The standard ignition suffers multiple problems, the pick-up is weak and the CDi unit design was quickly dropped and never used again. Rex’s conversion will fix all of these problems with the ignition – once and for all! 

As supplied this kit may be used ‘ignition only’ but if you want,  add the standard lighting coil and keep the bike’s original 6 volt lighting. This is a specific solution for these bikes which has proven extremely popular.  With years of development and a solid reputation for reliability this is a truly cost effective and simple solution.

Note the standard wiring loom with its original connectors is required.

Requires the flywheel to be stamped “FOTO2171 or FOTO2173”.


DT360A 1974

DT400 B&C 1975-76

MX400B 1975

IT400C 1976

YZ400C 1976

  • Use as ‘ignition only’ or swap the original 6 Volt charging coils to give retain the standard 6 volt lights.
  • Self generating electronic ignition system – does not need power from the battery
  • Simple to fit – no adjustment of ignition timing needed
  • Heavy duty CNC machined billet stator
  • CDI unit fits original holder
  • Ignition & kill switch work as before
  • Modern timing gives crisper performance
  • Full technical backup by the system designers via e-mail

The kit contains; a new ignition only stator, electronic ignition unit, new HT coil. fitting guide is download from the link above.

Engines significantly bored out or those that have been ported may benefit from having the stator slotted to allow the base timing to be dialled in to suit the different state of tune. See our RMK-9 Full Race adjustable system if your engine is tuned.

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