3 Phase, 12 Volt Lucas Alternator Kit with Solid State Regulator


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Solid State Voltage Regulators for British Motorcycles


Three phase alternators have superior low RPM performance compared to the 16 amp single phase option making more electrical power lower down the rev range, meaning you don’t have to rev the engine hard to keep the battery charged.

Complete alternator set package deal. Genuine Lucas high output 3-phase stator, rotor and Rex’s correctly rated solid state regulator/rectifier.

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  • 14.5 amp, genuine Lucas 3 phase stator & 74 mm rotor.
  • Superior low RPM output compared to single phase.
  • Solid state Rex 250 watt regulator/rectifier
  • Is able to run battery-less if needed

​Some sellers offer similar deals, however with a lower quality regulator rectifier. Rex’s ensure a correctly rated regulator is supplied with these powerful Lucas alternators.

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