Honda CRF250X 40 Watt DC Generator Conversion


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Increased DC output stator (40 watt) and voltage regulator for the Honda CRF250X 2004-17 models.

Because of LED lights night time illumination has become much easier. However LED lights need stable DC power to make them work. This kit provides this solution, DC for LED lamps and at 40 watts output this system is ideal for LED lights.

The voltage regulator has an internal relay for bikes without a key or light switches. Turns the lights on when the engine is running and off again when the motor is stopped ensuring no danger of draining the battery. Time delay period before the lights are switched is adjustable. The regulator voltage output can also be fine tuned via an adjuster on the regulator (recommended 14.2 – 14.5V @2,500 RPM). AGM sealed lead acid batteries are recommended.

Simple to fit by professional motorcycle mechanics, all parts fit as per OEM, minimal wiring, fitting guide available to download free of charge (link above).

Stator dimensions (check yours first before ordering):
Interior diameter : 28 mm
Exterior diameter : 61 mm
Thickness : 14 mm
Length of wires grommet to plug : 660 mm


*Non OEM LED headlamps have no build standards so we are unable to predict performance of the lamp unit used.

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