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Replacement stator for Kawasaki models listed below. Fits KZ1000 1981 – 2001 including Police models. Also 1100cc models as listed, including shaft driven.  Replaces p/n 21003-1040, 21003-1327.

Correct core materials and high grade copper.


KZ1000 CSR1981KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 CSR1982KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica1982KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica1983KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 LTD1981KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 LTD1982KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001982KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001983KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001985KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001986KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001987KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001988KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001989KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001990KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001991KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001992KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001993KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001994KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001995KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001996KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001997KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001998KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10001999KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10002000KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1000 Police 10002001KAWASAKI1000cc
KZ1100 GPZ1981KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 GPZ1982KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 LTD Shaft1983KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 Shaft1981KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 Shaft1982KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 Shaft1983KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 Spectre1982KAWASAKI1100cc
KZ1100 Spectre1983KAWASAKI1100cc
ZN1100 LTD Shaft1984KAWASAKI1100cc
ZN1100 LTD Shaft1985KAWASAKI1100cc
ZX1100 GPZ1983KAWASAKI1100cc
ZX1100 GPZ1984KAWASAKI1100cc
ZX1100 GPZ1985KAWASAKI1100cc

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