Regulator Rectifier Kawasaki EL250 | EN500 | EX250 | EX500 | KZ1000 | KZ1100


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Direct replacement regulator rectifier for the models listed below.

Plug and play replacement for Kawasaki p/n 21061-1003, 21066-1018, 21066-1030.

Suitable for all lead acid technology batteries including AGM


EL250 Eliminator 2501988250cc
EL250 Eliminator 2501989250cc
EL250 Eliminator 2501991250cc
EL250 Eliminator 2501992250cc
EL250 Eliminator 2501993250cc
EL250 Eliminator 2501994250cc
EN450 454 LTD1985454cc
EN450 454 LTD1986454cc
EN450 454 LTD1987454cc
EN450 454 LTD1988454cc
EN450 454 LTD1989454cc
EN450 454 LTD1990454cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001990498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001991498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001992498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001993498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001994498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001995498cc
EN500 Vulcan 5001996498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD1996498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD1997498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD1998498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD1999498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2000498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2001498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2002498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2003498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2004498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2005498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2006498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2007498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2008498cc
EN500 Vulcan 500 LTD2009498cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1986248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1987248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1988248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1989248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1990248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1991248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1992248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1993248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1994248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1995248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1996248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1997248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1998248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R1999248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2000248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2001248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2002248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2003248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2004248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2005248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2006248cc
EX250 Ninja 250R2007248cc
EX500 GPZ 5001987498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001988498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001989498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001990498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001991498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001992498cc
EX500 GPZ 5001993498cc
EX500 Ninja 5001994498cc
EX500 Ninja 5001995498cc
EX500 Ninja 5001996498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R1997498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R1998498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R1999498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2000498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2001498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2002498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2003498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2004498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2005498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2006498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2007498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2008498cc
EX500 Ninja 500R2009498cc
KZ1000 CSR19811000cc
KZ1000 CSR19821000cc
KZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica19821000cc
KZ1000 Eddie Lawson Replica19831000cc
KZ1000 LTD19811000cc
KZ1000 LTD19821000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019821000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019831000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019841000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019851000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019861000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019871000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019881000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019891000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019901000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019911000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019921000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019931000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019941000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019951000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019961000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019971000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019981000cc
KZ1000 Police 100019991000cc
KZ1000 Police 100020001000cc
KZ1000 Police 100020011000cc
KZ1000 Police 100020021000cc
KZ1000 Police 100020031000cc
KZ1000 Police 100020051000cc
KZ1100 GPZ19811100cc
KZ1100 GPZ19821100cc
KZ1100 LTD Shaft19831100cc
KZ1100 Shaft19811100cc
KZ1100 Shaft19821100cc
KZ1100 Shaft19831100cc
KZ1100 Spectre19821100cc
KZ1100 Spectre19831100cc
KZ550 GPZ1982550cc
KZ550 GPZ1983550cc
KZ550 LTD1980550cc
KZ550 LTD1981550cc
KZ550 LTD1982550cc
KZ550 LTD1983550cc
KZ550 LTD Shaft1983550cc
KZ550 LTD Shaft1984550cc
KZ550 Spectre1983550cc
KZ750 LTD Shaft1983750cc
KZ750 Spectre1982750cc
KZ750 Spectre1983750cc
ZX1100 GPZ19831100cc
ZX1100 GPZ19841100cc
ZX1100 GPZ19851100cc
ZX750 750R GPZ Turbo1983748cc
ZX750 750R GPZ Turbo1984748cc
ZX750 750R GPZ Turbo1985748cc

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