LED Headlamp Bulb | American Pre Focus | APF | P15D-30


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Runs on DC power ONLY.  XT and DT models use AC power for the headlamp.

Powerful bright white LED headlamp bulb with strong, defined beam. The bulb has it’s own integral lens which ensures a properly focused beam regardless of the reflector type.

LEDs transform your evening and night time riding experience and improve your visiblity to other traffic.

Suitable for DC operation,  12 volt only, negative earth (all Japanese machines are negaitive earth)


  • Suitable for negative earth 12 volt operation.
  • MOT compliant in UK on vehicles first registered before 1st April 1986
  • White 4300 kelvin light that looks crisp and sharp like modern car headlamps.
  • A projector type lens gives a properly focused beam in any headlamp reflector
  • The metal bezel rotates to ensure the high beam always appears level above the low beam. Allen key is supplied for adjustment.

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