LED Headlamp Bulb | American Pre Focus | APF | P15D-30

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Runs on DC power ONLY. Most XT and DT models use AC for the headlamp.

Powerful American Pre Focus – APF – LED headlamp bulb with fantastic light output and strong, defined beam.

These LEDs transform your evening and night time riding experience and improve your visiblity to other traffic. The power required is so little that lights can be used all the time and the battery will stay charged, even if you have a dynamo.

Suitable for DC operation, either positive or negative earth, 6, 12 and 24 volt. If you later decide to convert a 6 volt machine to 12 volts you carry on using the same bulbs.

Our LEDs have a properly defined beam that is focused by their own integral lens. This also ensures they give the proper beam regardless of the reflector type.

LED lighting is a major break through as the lighting is bright but requires very little current, typically only a fifth of the power required by tungsten or halogen bulbs. With LEDs  your standard dynamo or alternator will be off loaded so it can easily keep the battery fully charged even if you have the lights on all the time*.

  • White 4300 kelvin light that looks crisp and sharp like modern car headlamps.
  • Suitable for positive AND negative earth, 6, 12 and 24 volt operation.
  • A projector type lens gives a properly focused beam in any headlamp reflector
  • There are two beams, low which is complimented by an additional beam when ‘high’ is selected.
  • The metal bezel rotates to ensure the high beam always appears level above the low beam. Allen key is supplied for adjustment.

Important Information

Only operates on DC power. Bulb will fail if connected to AC power.

*Assumes all of your electrical system components, including the battery are properly maintained and in good condition.

MOT compliant in UK on vehicles first registered before 1st April 1986

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