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High Power Roadster XT500 Electronic Ignition with 12 Volt DC LED Ready Output

Rex’s Roadster electronic ignition with 12V LED safe headlamp power.  Wiring to convert to an LED safe supply has been made as simple as possible with a clear, concise fitting guide. Must only be used with LED headlamp bulb. Filament bulbs can be use in rear and indictor positions but we recommend LEDs for all.

High power ignition gives easy starting and great performance – hot or cold. Electronic timing curve, removes the mechanical advance/retard unit.

Fits ALL XT500 models with points ignition.

Rex’s system is the only one available that features an adjustable CDi unit for fine tuning without the need to remove the flywheel.

The ‘Roadster kit’ is so named as it is ready wired for road bikes with their original wiring and parts.  The kit is simple to install to standard Yamaha and Kedo wiring looms that are in good order with original connectors.

Must be used with a 12 volt lead acid battery.

• Years of development, highest spark output of any XT500 self generating ignitions.
• Does away with contact breakers and mechanical advance unit.
• Easy starting hot or cold compared to points ignition.
• Less maintenance & crisper performance.
• Supplied with brand new HT coil.

The kit contains; CNC Billet stator, electronic ignition unit, 12 volt lighting, conversion wiring, voltage regulator HT coil & fitting manual.

Unsuitable for TT500 models as these had no road light wiring loom. See our advice sheet for road lighting options on TT500 models or contact our techs.

Assumes standard wiring loom in good order with its original connectors and plugs. Be aware that many are not.

Note once converted the kit is not suitable to power traditional headlamp bulbs and must be used with a lead acid battery fitted. Must not be used with Lithium batteries.

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