Kawasaki | Regulator Rectifier | 21072-007 | H1D | H2 | H2A | KH500


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“A must for the serious restorer looking to attain the highest standards of originality.”

Re-manufactured Kawasaki regulator rectifier (early type). The old electronics have been stripped out, the case cleaned and restored then modern, reliable regulator/rectifier electronics with new leads and connectors are fitted. This provides stable charging at the correct voltage. The unit is tested under real load conditions then finally sealed with weather and vibration proof resin.

Externally the unit will look as close as possible to a factory unit however it has the benefit of 21st century electronics and a one year warranty on electrical function.

Suggested fitments: Kawasaki H2 & H2A 1972-73. H1D 1973 only. Please confirm this unit is correct for your machine before purchasing.

Kawasaki added an external diode under a service bulletin to these early units because of excessive battery drainage. The diode modification is not needed and not recommend with our restored unit.

Note that the early alloy case requires significant re-work to accept modern electronics and this additional labour is reflected in the price.

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