Re-manufactured Kawasaki H2 B/C Rectifier

£170.00 Inc. VAT


“A must for the serious restorer looking to attain the highest standards of originality.”

Remanufactured Kawasaki H2 B/C regulator rectifier (later type). The old electronics have been stripped out, the case cleaned and restored then modern, reliable regulator/rectifier electronics fitted. The unit is tested under real load conditions then finally sealed with weather and vibration proof resin. New leads and the correct type of connectors complete the job.

Externally the unit will look identical to a factory unit however it has the benefit of 21st century electronics and a one year warranty.

The later original unit did not require any diode modification, it is not needed and not recommend with our restored unit.

We offer a discount of £25 for a failed unit, up to a maximum of 2 failed units per sale. Discount includes VAT, our decision is final regarding the condition and suitability of units sent to us. Units with heavy corrosion, dents, gouges or missing fins will not be accepted. Unit must the be same type as purchased. Customer must pay return postage if they want rejected units returned. Time limited for six weeks after date of purchase, without exception.

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Weight 0.5 kg

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