Universal Headlamp Booster for 12V Motorcycles


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Back by popular demand! Headlamp boosters that noticeably brighten up your motorcycle headlamp.

Most older motorcycle switch gear causes voltage loss resulting in poor headlamp performance. Our booster unit takes battery power direct to the headlamp bulb reducing drastically any power loss. The switches remain in use and work as before but no longer carry the current for the headlamp.

Wiring guide and crimp connectors are included. Connect the input to the original headlamp wires which now give control of high and low beam. The output wires connect direct to the headlamp bulb for a direct electrical circuit ensuring full brightness of the bulb. Popular up-grade that gets great feedback.

12 Amps continuous rating

12 Volt DC power

Not for use where the motorcycle is equipped with relays for the headlamp.

Bike’s wiring diagram required to identify head lamp wires. Bulb not included – to compare size of unit only.


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