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High Power Roadster XT500 Electronic Ignition with 12 Volt Lighting

Rex’s Roadster electronic ignition has a worldwide reputation for quality and performance. Roadster stator kits are ready assembled with wiring that plugs in to your wiring loom  to give brighter 12 volt lighting as well as an ignition up-grade. Gives easy starting and great performance – hot or cold.  Fully electronic advance curve. Minimal wiring required, full colour instructions included.

Fits ALL XT500 models with points ignition. Requires the points ignition model flywheel.

Rex’s system is the only one available that features an adjustable CDi unit for fine tuning without the need to remove the flywheel.

Built in house our electronics and generator parts are tailored specially for the XT.

• Years of development, high spark output to aid starting your XT500.
• Does away with contact breakers and mechanical advance unit.
• Easy starting hot or cold compared to points ignition.
• Less maintenance & crisper performance.
• Supplied with brand new HT coil.

The kit contains; CNC Billet stator, electronic ignition unit, 12 volt lighting coil, voltage regulator HT coil & fitting manual.
Battery, bulbs, 12V horn and indicator relay can be purchased as ‘accessory packs’ shown below.

Unsuitable for TT500 models as these had no road light wiring loom. Either a full XT loom can be used, or we now have a fully AC version that gives basic lights.

Where we state ‘plug in wiring’, this requires that the standard wiring loom is in good order, complete with its original connectors. Owners are reminded that on old motorcycles it is common to find differences or things are not as expected. To cover this eventuality our stator kits come with the opposite connector included.

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