XT500 | TT500 Points Ignition Source Coil 583-81311-50


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XT500 starting issues? Electronic ignition not for you? We manufacture new parts to restore the points ignition to full performance.

Brand new and UK manufactured replacement part for 583- 81311- 50, points ignition source coil.

Coil insulation degrades with time allowing current to leak to earth. N.O.S coils will suffer the same as insulation degrades with time, used or not. Many N.O.S electrical parts will be 40 years old and can’t be relied on.

If you have replaced the points and condenser and still experience starting problems the source coil may have lost power through degraded insulation.

  • Pre-wired, no soldering
  • Includes new mounting hardware
  • Made in UK to OEM standards

We recommend using only our contact breakers and condensers as they are of Japanese or European manufacture. The parts we supply are guaranteed to give the correct timing, vital for good starting, and have a long service life.

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