E3LM | MO1L Dynamo Repair Kit 6V


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This kit comes with closed type bearings for the dynamo. If you need magneto bearings these are available separately.

Lucas E3LM, 6 volt dynamo overhaul kit, offers saving over buying parts separately. UK made on original Lucas tooling. Suitable for dynamo p/ns 20034 (CW) & 20033 (ACW) E3LM & MO1L.  Parallel shaft , two keyways, 179mm. Threaded at drive end.


6 volt armature with parallel shaft, 6 volt, 179mm. Threaded at drive end. (UK)

6 volt field winding (UK)

Drive end bearing (EU)

Commutator bearing (EU)

2 x Poles shoe screws (UK)

Brush set (UK)

Reproduction of Lucas dynamo service book

We have a great deal of experience with dynamos. For trouble free 6 or 12 volt operation with good output and without causing the armature to over-heat we recommend our UK made, solid state regulators for positive or negative earth machines. These can be swapped from 6 to 12 volts so you only need to chose the correct earth polarity.

Fitted to many models so check your manual:

Ariel singles 1954-56
BSA B&M Group 1950-57
Douglas 80 and 90 1950-55,
Royal Enfield singles 1951-55, R E Twins 1954-55
Norton singles 1950-58

MO1L Magdyno

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