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Our lowest priced XT500 electronic ignition kit. 

Manufactured by XT500 specialists our Roadster ‘ignition only’ electronic ignition kit is aimed at those on tight budgets. It gives the same up-graded high quality ignition as found on the Roaster versions but is supplied with no lighting coil fitted to reduce the kit price. A skilled mechanic can swap a good condition 6V lighting coil from the old stator on to our billet stator.

Gives much better starting compared to points ignition – hot or cold. Designed for machines with no other electrics, however it is possible to transplant a standard 6V lighting coil, a low cost option for those prepared to modify their ignition kit themselves. We point out this is not supported with technical help. If you are unsure about modifying your kit, select the 12 volt Roadster version where the stator is fully built with a lighting coil.

Fits all models with points ignition. Simple to fit and time, full colour instruction are downloadable (see link above).

Rex’s XT500 stator kits allow you to trim the timing on the CDi unit with the flywheel in situ.

We build our stator kits at our facility in Robertsbridge. You will not find low cost, combined CDi and HT coil units in our kits.

  • Does away with contact breakers and mechanical advance unit.
  • Self generating needs no other wiring or a battery.
  • Easier to start hot or cold compared to points ignition.
  • Less maintenance & crisper performance
  • Supplied with brand new HT coil.
  • Lowest priced XT500 ignition kit

The kit contains; a new back plate with ready mounted source coil, electronic ignition unit, a CDi HT coil & fitting manual.

Will run on TT500s to kit Roadster level performance – requires no other electrics on the bike. See the RMK-4 Full Race kit for higher performance.

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